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bodies of water

its a liars way that you communicate but i bite the bullet and watch my fucking teeth break. Advertisements

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disco softshoe

i was dead as dead as the discotheque he was the slack the slack on the noose around my neck

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mortis nostrae

got lost in the pattern of his shirt lost in the rows of white shark teeth lost in a hum, a pulse, a beat lost when tongue met cheek live a good life in between the days and just lie the … Continue reading

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spectral evidence

you know im a sucker for a zippy synth and a rumble beat i get caught in it like ghosts caught in complex geometry i need you to stop me haunting hallways at night make me gather my strength and go into … Continue reading

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quickly, now

one hundred thousand spirits around me keep them close for when friends make you ugly taking up arms, all this phantom weaponry when the ghosts come they live all of this for me vicious cologne all over my clothes ill wash … Continue reading

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threes and swords

and i wonder what your mothers say when i quit coming when my name quit sounding any way, they must say its a sin and we’ve known this, seperate, since we were kids i was never good at the games … Continue reading

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la maison dieu

take it back and get it far away from me another day of sights to believe and the sighs i cant speak of hope for the worst with a match lit, pull it through La Maison de Dieu, remember you looked up at … Continue reading

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